I’m not used to painting things like this so this was good practice!! I really like black jack… 

my favourite trio, i’m only 5 episodes in so far!!
finally got to draw makotoi’m glad hahaha

Back from animecon in the hague!! If you spotted me in the dealer room n grabbed my tumblr card send me an ask n say hi!! I didn’t get to chat much with people this weekend so i was a bit bummed :^) tell me what you thought of the work we sold

I’ll post a couple art things tomorrow!

tiny morphing animation for class!!inked on a tiny hand bound flip booky

Anonymous asked: Are you dutch or flaming?

nah im dutch! (brabantian!)
i have a lot of close relatives in flanders though B^)

my clothes today hm
pigeons are cute

found a tiny sketchbook in my drawers!! i decorated it a bit

heres a messy prince poo!! earthbound fanart! just finished the game heheh

chaddiecakes asked: 7 AND 10!!!!!!!


7: Do you have any OCs?
yep! i’ve a couple stories that i’m too embarrassed to show any work in progress for haha but here are a bunch of boring dudes

10: Least favorite thing to draw?
probably detailed backgrounds, or any backgrounds at all, i hardly attempt them and when i do i don’t finish them:
this is something i’m trying to change though!!!

finished reading berserk yesterday n i really had to make something..it’s a brooch!

1 minute animatic assignment for school!!
have a character enter a building and reach a room on the second floor, but fill in as you like!